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There are many different ways that people can be helped.
  • Some people want tools to help them manage overwhelming feelings or physical reactions.
  • Some people find it helpful to explore their family of origin and understand their patterns based on childhood.
  • Some people need help understanding and labeling their emotions so that they can use them to make better decisions.
  • Some people had really scary things happen to them, and they want to release the symptoms or feel less "held hostage" by those memories.
  • Some people are struggling with how the culture views their lifestyle or who they choose to love.
  • Some people are looking to understand how they fit into the world as a whole, and/or trying to understand if there is something greater in the world.
  • Some people are interested in how meditation or how working with their energy system can help them feel better.
  • Some people are curious if their current life issues might be a reenactment of some past life pattern.
  • Some people prefer to look at their patterns from a Karmic perspective.
  • Some people just have a feeling that something is not right about their life, and they want to find a path that will allow them to gain satisfaction or experience more joy.

Overcoming these issues is possible thru Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Subtle Energy work, EMDR, or a combination thereof.

When we meet, you and I discuss what you are looking for, and how we might find it, together.

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